Upcoming Board Elections!

The CTM election will be held soon!

It is now time to offer nominations for the elected positions.

To nominate, run for office, and/or vote, you must be a member of CTM. Being a CTM Officer or serving on the Routes Committee is a great way to get involved with the climbing community here in Central Texas. To join CTM, go to www.ctmrocks.com.

Each nominee will be asked to provide an optional “Candidate Statement”. The Candidate Statement will be provided to CTM members who will be voting in the election.

Nominations are now open and will close on November 17. Voting will begin a few days afterwards, and continue until the day before the CTM holiday party, tentatively scheduled for the first week of December. Eligible CTM Members will be sent a link to vote via email. Results of the election will be announced at the party.

All positions are open for nominations. They are:

Duties include: Provides the direction of the club, point of contact for government officials, MC of meetings and public events.

Access Coordinator
Duties include: Interaction with government and private landowner officials to develop additional climbing areas.

Duties include: Managing all financial issues of the organization, including deposits and expenditures, membership and T-shirt tracking.

Duties include: Recording meeting minutes, management of website, official record keeper.

Events Coordinator:
Duties include: Coordinating the annual Limestoner event by arranging sponsors and volunteers, coordinating other events for volunteer activities, posting about events on user groups and Facebook, fielding questions from people through the CTM website, and promoting CTM and its events while out in the climbing community.

Routes Committee Member (Five positions)
Duties include: Responsible for all routes in Barton Creek and Reimers, and any future climbing areas that CTM may develop; New route application review and approval or disapproval; Retro application review and approval or disapproval; Repair, rebolting and maintenance of existing routes; Developing and maintaining a hardware replacement methodology that best serves the community and the geology; Keeping a record of all route maintenance, including details on what hardware was replaced, how it was replaced, and when it was replaced.

If you’re interested in serving, or know someone who would be a good addition to CTM, please nominate!

A valid nomination includes these three items:

1. Name of person nominated.
2. Title of CTM position being sought.
3. Email address of nominated person. (We will contact all those nominated to ensure that they are interested in running.)

Nominations are now open and will close on November 17.

Send your nominations to Neil Higa at neil.higa at gmail.com or fill out the Contact form. 

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